Practical Tools for Caregivers

Providing Tools and Resources
to Manage the Details of Caring

Document. Communicate. Advocate.

When people visit a medical practitioner or receive services in their home, studies have shown that less than 50% of the discussion with the provider is retained by the care recipient or caregiver. IM4ward wants to change that by giving people tools to capture and to communicate the essential information across the care team.

4ward Health Tracker

Health care management… on the go.

Having both your medical information and a diary of your health journey at your fingertips is priceless when working with multiple medical practitioners. The 4ward Health Tracker allows you to record notes in preparation for and during medical visits, record tests and symptoms, while also providing a quick reference feature to quickly retrieve your health information.

4ward Care Tracker Kit

A complete kit to help manage the details of caregiving.

The 4ward Care Tracker Kit is a system to consolidate and share important caregiving information. The kit comes with a dry erase cover & dry erase marker to make it the caregiving message center in the home, pen and a calendar to keep track of appointments and activities, folders for storing handouts, a three-hole punch for adding documents to the kit and forms to help you organize and share the care provision information. Included with the kit is the Practical Guide to Caregiving Life Tasks, a 36-page guide to help you through the 10 most common life tasks caregivers take on.

Benefits of Using These Products:

1. Reduces the stress of maintaining detailed and constantly changing information;
2. Improves your communications with medical and community services, as well as other members of your family;
3. Helps you better advocate for your own health and the ones you love;
4. Reduces the amount of time you spend on managing caregiving information so you have more time to do things you enjoy with the ones you love.

Now available at these retail locations in Ottawa:
Whole Health Pharmacy, 857A Bank Street, Ottawa Ontario (Glebe)
Ottawa Hospital Auxiliary Store, Civic Campus, Ottawa Ontario
Bruyère Pharmacy, 75 Bruyère Street, Ottawa Ontario

For product purchases outside of Ottawa, please contact:

36 First Avenue, Ottawa Ontario
K1S 2G2
(613) 986-3257

A contribution totalling 5% of profits will be donated to three organizations: Carefor, Bruyere, and Hospice Care Ottawa to support their community programs.