The Company

IM4ward was created to fill a void in tools available to Caregivers. Caregivers receive, process and communicate large amounts of information. Keeping track of it, storing it and communicating it is a job in itself, and when it’s not done well, it creates stress, reduces health outcomes and affects relationships.

Janet Kuntz, owner and product creator, experienced these challenges first hand. While juggling caregiving, family and career, Janet was unable to find a solution for managing and sharing information among the care team members. She tried electronic solutions but found that she not only got frustrated with managing the mix of electronic and paper information, but spent unnecessary amounts of time trying to organize the information into a cohesive form to share with the care team members that changed every time someone came to the house. When her Caregiving duties ended, she realized that she had spent more time managing the details of health and care than enjoying the company of the care recipient. This realization was the driving force behind the development of the products and her move into patient and caregiver advocacy.

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