Medications cost money, require tracking and can affect how a person behaves, particularly if it is the wrong dosage or there is an interaction with food or other medications. The 4ward Health Care Toolset can help you with the tracking your medications and symptoms, but the following links will help you offset the financial impact of medications on your budget and with medication safety.

Medications — Reimbursements

Ontario Drug Benefit Program: A program that provides financial assistance to anyone over the age of 65 or for those that qualify for 4 specific Programs:

Home Care
Ontario Works
Ontario Disability Support Program
Trillium Drug Program

Trillium Drug Program: A program to help offset the high cost (in relation to your income) of prescription medication

Drug is a website provided by Shoppers Drugmart that provides information on obtaining reimbursement for prescription medications. It covers federal, provincial and private health plans as well as those provided by pharmaceutical companies.

Also, speak with your doctor and pharmacist about programs offered by pharmaceutical companies or through disease specific charities and associations. In Ontario if you have cancer, most cancer centres have a role dedicated to helping patients find ways to pay for oncology drug treatments not covered by federal or provincial programs. This role is often referred to as the Oncology Drug Access Navigator.

Medications — Safety

Safe Medication is a website supported by Health Canada and is a component of the Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System. It provides an explanation of how to read prescription labels.

Ontario Meds Check Program: A free annual program to review the medications of anyone taking more than 3 prescription medications.

Most pharmacies also have a Take it Back Program that will safely dispose of old or no longer valid prescription medications.

Tips: When prescribed a new medication, monitor and document how you feel physically and mentally. If it makes you feel worse, go back to see your doctor. Sometimes it takes a few tries before the right medication and dosage is found for you. If you are looking for a product to help with documenting your health refer to the 4ward Health Tracker.

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