Using the 4ward Care Tracker Kit

The 4ward Care Tracker Kit is a system to consolidate and share important caregiving information. It was designed to provide a caregiver with the materials to capture the essential care information, while providing the foundation for adding new information elements depending on the complexity of the care situation. A 36 page guide to managing the 10 most common caregiving tasks is included to help caregivers understand each task and provide some advice and tips to make them easier.

The Kit allows the caregiving team to exchange notes, instructions, observations and detailed information about the care plan and products. The dry erase front cover becomes a quick message centre to point care team members to the sections or information that has changed in the binder since the last visit. For example, the message could read" Profile and Medications sections have been updated."

A monthly calendar is included so that scheduling of activities can be shared across the care team. There is also a place to put a picture of the care recipient, preferably one that represents what they looked like when they were vibrant, so that each new care provider can see them as you would like them to be seen. An emergency contact card is also stored on the inside front cover so that the emergency contact information is easily retrievable.

The Kit contains 8 sections: Visits, Profile, Medications, Supplies, Contacts, Providers, Test and Receipts, and a three-hole punch to easily add third-party information to the binder. Each section contains forms or folders to record and store information related to that section.

The Visits Section provides the ability to track who provided service, on what day, from which agency and whether the visit accomplished what it was intended to do, as well as to provide instructions to the care provider and to know that the care provider read them.

The Profile Section provides the ability to describe the overall health, personality and schedule of the care recipient as well as the medical devices they use. The purpose of this section is to provide a brief but pointed overview to each new care provider that comes into the home and to update those repeat care providers when profile information has changed.

The Medications Section provides the ability to not only track current medications, but to be able to keep track of medications that have been discontinued and why they were discontinued. When using this section, feel free to add the medication printout from the pharmacy, and all side-effect documentation provided by the pharmacy.

The Supplies Section provides the ability to not only list the details of each medical product used by the care recipient but also track when and how much of a medical supply was ordered. This is also the section where instructions on how to use the medical supplies would be kept.

The Contacts Section provides the ability to list the care and service provider contacts according to a category such as personal care, or household management. By organizing contacts according to these categories it is easier for family members to cancel appointments or organize services.

The Providers Section provides the ability for Care Providers (external agencies, not family members) to store their visit information. It also is a place to store the information sheets and pamphlets they provide about community services, fall prevention, etc.

The Tests Section provides page protectors and folders to store test results you receive.

The Receipts Section provides the ability for those ordering and receiving medications or medical equipment and supplies to track and store the receipts, invoices and purchase orders for income tax and insurance purposes. This section is NOT to be used to maintain personal financial information, such as credit card information as it is accessible to anyone that comes into the home.

This kit coupled with the resource information on our website provides the user with an effective tool for managing the provision of care.

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