Care Provider Services

This section provides links to Care Provider Services.

Eliza - powered by Saint Elizabeth’s a national non profit providing community support

Caregiver Exchange: A website that provides caregivers with links to services in their city or town.

Carefor, a not-for-profit care provider in the Champlain Health Region.

OutCare Foundation Provides funding for palliative care services in Eastern Ontario. This link provides some good resources for caregivers.

Hospice Care Ottawa Provides support services for caregivers providing end of life care

VHA A non-profit care provider in Eastern Ontario

Ontario Health Services in your community Please note that Community Access Centres (CAC or CCAC in the Ottawa area) have been amalgamated into the Local Health Information Networks. Look for Local Health Information Network (LHIN) Services

Also search the municipality website for resources for the disabled or seniors. In major towns or cities, they will often provide a list of resources available within your community.

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